We provide security

We work to keep you and your business safe.

We provide security

We work to keep you and your business safe.

Passive fire protection

Fire protection is in many cases exhausted by the placement of some fire extinguishers, although a well-designed and carefully executed fire protection system can protect you and your business from essential and amazing damage. With the help of the passive fire protection systems we have designed and implemented, you can take care of safety in advance. By installing fire protection sleeves in a possible fire, the sealing of the plastic pipes and sleeves provides effective protection to avoid further damage. Taking into account the fire classes that occur in a given facility, we are at your disposal with state-of-the-art solutions and many, many years of expertise in accordance with the relevant legislation. It’s not good to play with fire. We help you prevent.

Fall protection

Working above the ground, at height, always carries the risk of falling. Under Hungarian law, it is the responsibility of employers and building owners to provide adequate protection for those working at height. You can also count on us to design and professionally implement a professional fall protection system.

Shutter and Scaffolding system rental

We undertake the professional design, construction and rental of scaffolding, scaffolding systems and formwork structures on the basis of blueprints. All the tools we work with meet the strict standards of the European Union. Our scaffolding and shuttering structures make your job easier, so you will be able to operate more efficiently with less manpower. All this with the greatest possible security, in which we know no compromise.

What are we doing?

State-of-the-art technology applications offer customers long-term sustainable fire and fall protection solutions. Building Solutions Ltd. One day at a time, you process it to make you and your contractor more secure and provide optimal operating energy and savings.


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